Trading Ecom provides five steps to brand a new business

By March 21, 2019Company News

Trading Ecom is a multi-faceted company that specializes in trading and eCommerce. It has built a solid reputation providing professional and expert solutions to the changing world of eCommerce and is able to work across a number of different industries. In order to help new businesses better understand how to take their activity to the next level, the company provides five steps to building a better brand.

Seasoned marketers know that shoppers don’t purchase a product – they purchase a brand. In the highly-competitive eCommerce space, building the brand is more important than ever, as the competition is only a few keystrokes away. Entrepreneurs have to start by building the brand identity, which includes items such as the logo and the branding guide. It also must include a unique selling proposition, which will help the brand stand above the competition.

Once the brand identity is developed, the brand story has to be created. The brand story is a narrative that describes the gist of the business – the mission, the core values and the vision. This identity is what will ultimately connect the consumer to the brand on a routine basis.

Now that the brand identity and story are ready, create a strong social media presence on channels that are in line with the company’s values and target demographics. This will require a great deal of analysis and research, but the resources dedicated to this process will pay off as you begin to see sales and brand awareness skyrocket.

The media presence, and all customer interaction, needs to be personalized. This is, contrary to what some may believe, part of the branding process. A unique customer experience will go a long way toward establishing the brand and growing a large customer base. The customer experience, among other things, can include how the products or services are presented so they stand out or how consumers are greeted when they visit your site.

Content must always be updated and new content has to be added. This keeps the brand from becoming stale and boring and shows consumers that the business is actively operating. If a potential buyer visits a site and finds information that was relevant six months ago, they will be less likely to have confidence in the site, leading to a lost sale.

Branding a new online business may seem a little overwhelming. Start slow and understand the goals – take the time to properly develop a strategy that will set the business apart and drive sales. Always remember that the brand is who you are and must be focused at all times.


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